Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Shameless Hussy That is I!

(This is actually not I. Rather it is Nick Derington--poster artist to the stars.)

I'm not even going to pussy-foot around it. I'm creating this blog entry specifically to catalogue several of the positive reviews and accolades that have surfaced for A FOUR COURSE MEAL. Seeing that we're in the midst of fundraising for several films (The Abductors is currently the front-runner), I've decided to eschew my usual self-depreciating veneer in exchange for a brand spankin' new, 'look at me' swank-atude!

So if you are one of the various people looking to invest in a Well Tailored Film, take a look at what these unbiased members of critical film society have to say about our previous effort. Wait, actually, what are you doing reading this blog? Don't you have fat checks to write?

First up is one from, a fun site with reviewers who really dig interesting genre films. I like these guys' sense of humor. Okay, enough butter for them.

Next is the big one. Film Threat. It was way cool getting a good review from such a venerable institution. I attribute to this review the lion's share of interest AFCM has accrued over its lengthy life-cycle. Who could really ask for more?

When we played theatrically in Ft. Worth, I was interviewed by Ft. Worth Weekly here. It was fun and awkward at the same time. I think the article reflects that (in a good way?).

Some previous festivals we've attended are (in no particular order): The Newport Beach Film Festival, The Big Muddy Film Festival, The Deep Ellum Film Festival, The deadCENTER Film Festival, NoirDance, Fringe Media Fest and the Dallas Video Fest's Texas Filmmakers Series, which garnered us a theatrical run at the Angelika Theater. Also of note is a portion of the movie (the segment "Flowers Grown From Powdered Bones") played on PBS' Frame of Mind series.

Finally, for now (thank goodness), is a little thingee from the fine folks at the HorrorDance Film Festival. They bestowed upon my broad and powerful shoulders the mantle of Best Director (or Director's Choice or some such thing) at their 2007 festival. Lookee here!

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