Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not yer Daddy's defensive driving video...

So, this is some pre-release art from the feature film, BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY, co-directed by Barak Epstein and Blair Rowan. I acted as the Director of Photography on it, and last week we had our first 'tech screening' at the Magnolia Theater in Dallas. Even without the final effects and audio, the film pretty much kicks ass. For all you Buffy fans, Nicholas Brendan has an extended cameo as, well, you'll just have to wait an' see. Also, Tom Towles (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) makes a pretty nifty appearance. 

Oh, and I play a role which I hope will be credited as 'BlackBerry Vamp.' Which, if you know me, is all too fitting.

Check out the website. The trailer is already up. Blood, indeed, flows red on this highway. Ouch! Lame line.

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