Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now I'm just overdoing it...

This is all in the name of doing right by you, the three people who read my blog. What can I say? I'm a man of the people.

And this one...

Here's a WUSS video interview!

Fresh outta SxSW a mere four months late! My fault, not theirs! I was sooooo blitzed during this interview. When I get drunk I get even more long winded and hand-talky than usual.

Anybody wanna listen to an audio interview about WUSS?

Uh, um, anyone? Anyone???

Come on! The interviewer has a British accent for fraggle's sake!

Holy Crap! How long has it been!?!

Well, we've been together for so long, maybe I take you for granted sometimes. I'm gonna make it up to ya, baby. Swears it!

Anyway, I've been on the road with EARTHLING, as it does it's small theatrical run all over America (and some cool foreign spots like Brazil). And we're doing the festival run with my new feature, WUSS. Assuming if you're reading this, you already know about it, but here's the trailer anyhow...

So, EARTHLING comes out on iTunes in September. Check our website for future theatrical playdates and release info...

I'll be back again soon, baby. I miss us. I really do.

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