Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Shameless Hussy That is I!

(This is actually not I. Rather it is Nick Derington--poster artist to the stars.)

I'm not even going to pussy-foot around it. I'm creating this blog entry specifically to catalogue several of the positive reviews and accolades that have surfaced for A FOUR COURSE MEAL. Seeing that we're in the midst of fundraising for several films (The Abductors is currently the front-runner), I've decided to eschew my usual self-depreciating veneer in exchange for a brand spankin' new, 'look at me' swank-atude!

So if you are one of the various people looking to invest in a Well Tailored Film, take a look at what these unbiased members of critical film society have to say about our previous effort. Wait, actually, what are you doing reading this blog? Don't you have fat checks to write?

First up is one from, a fun site with reviewers who really dig interesting genre films. I like these guys' sense of humor. Okay, enough butter for them.

Next is the big one. Film Threat. It was way cool getting a good review from such a venerable institution. I attribute to this review the lion's share of interest AFCM has accrued over its lengthy life-cycle. Who could really ask for more?

When we played theatrically in Ft. Worth, I was interviewed by Ft. Worth Weekly here. It was fun and awkward at the same time. I think the article reflects that (in a good way?).

Some previous festivals we've attended are (in no particular order): The Newport Beach Film Festival, The Big Muddy Film Festival, The Deep Ellum Film Festival, The deadCENTER Film Festival, NoirDance, Fringe Media Fest and the Dallas Video Fest's Texas Filmmakers Series, which garnered us a theatrical run at the Angelika Theater. Also of note is a portion of the movie (the segment "Flowers Grown From Powdered Bones") played on PBS' Frame of Mind series.

Finally, for now (thank goodness), is a little thingee from the fine folks at the HorrorDance Film Festival. They bestowed upon my broad and powerful shoulders the mantle of Best Director (or Director's Choice or some such thing) at their 2007 festival. Lookee here!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, if any of you know me, you're probably aware that my first feature (A FOUR COURSE MEAL) has been legally tied up for about a year in a release deal that hasn't panned out. As I am about to regain control of the elements, I'm lamely attempting to promote the film here and other places in order to generate interest for an upcoming DVD release.

The film is an anthology of sorts, and I have uploaded one of the longer story segments on my vimeo account until the distribution arrangements are finalized. At which point, I assume, I'll have to take it down. But, in the meantime, enjoy. If you like it, please spread the word. Press can only help us now, unless you think it sucks--in which case, keep it to yourself, buddy!

And now, our not-quite-a feature presentation...

Monday, January 21, 2008





So, these images aren't exactly hot-off-the-press, but they're pretty awesome nonetheless. Last year I wrote a feature comedy called CUTLET, about cows mutated by European growth hormones into super-intelligent/carnivorous/mind-control beasties. We've got the budget finalized, and are in the process of scraping together the bread to make it. The great Nick Derington once again lent his capable hand in rendering these pre-production images of several of our "hero" cows. Namely the supreme Arch-Cow, "Buttercup," and an evil drone cow named "Julia Roberts Cow."

Check out Adam Donaghey's page for the film here...


Sunday, January 20, 2008

So much sweeter in HD!

Oh yeah, baby. I just uploaded the slightly tighter version of KIDDO! onto vimeo. This great website allows you to upload HD content. So, now you can watch the scene in true widescreen quality!
Check it here...

PS--This (signed?) headshot of Lynus Turko will be on my amazon auction site for approximately 10 minutes. Bidding starts at $800.00. 
Gentlemen (and ladies.. ESPECIALLY ladies!), start your engines!!!!

Not yer Daddy's defensive driving video...

So, this is some pre-release art from the feature film, BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY, co-directed by Barak Epstein and Blair Rowan. I acted as the Director of Photography on it, and last week we had our first 'tech screening' at the Magnolia Theater in Dallas. Even without the final effects and audio, the film pretty much kicks ass. For all you Buffy fans, Nicholas Brendan has an extended cameo as, well, you'll just have to wait an' see. Also, Tom Towles (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) makes a pretty nifty appearance. 

Oh, and I play a role which I hope will be credited as 'BlackBerry Vamp.' Which, if you know me, is all too fitting.

Check out the website. The trailer is already up. Blood, indeed, flows red on this highway. Ouch! Lame line.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

T'ings be crazy, up in here!

So, as I commence shooting on KIDDO!, my company also has a couple of other projects in the works.
Most prominently right now is THE ABDUCTORS. A bizarre sci-fi (kinda--near future stuff--ya know, cheap sci fi) story about a little girl who is abducted for mysterious reasons, and what happens when she's returned home two weeks later, apparently unharmed, and with no ransom asked for. Things get crazy when the family receives a message from the seemingly repentant kidnappers. A warning about who or what their daughter really is. 
As Count Floyd would say, 'Scary stuff kids!'
I know it sounds like I'm making fun, but I really am excited about this one. And for a change, I have an investment team bringing in, shock of shocks, an ACTUAL BUDGET! God, I dunno what to do with real currency. I guess I'll have to do the Tony Scott thing and spend it on blow.
Anyway, here's a mock-up pre-poster (pictured above) by the great Nick Derington (Scanner Darkly)...

Albert Camus' THE STRANGER

As a tribute to one of the leading minds in human psychology, we've recently finished a short film based upon one of his most famous works...The Stranger.

A description from

"This short novel by Albert Camus was written in 1946. It's about a young Algerian Frenchman, Muersault, who works at an office job and lives a dull ordinary life. He describes his mother's funeral with clarity and dispassion and, as the story unfolds, the reader sees that this detachment is the general theme of the book. He doesn't love his girlfriend but it makes no difference to him whether he marries her or not. He helps an acquaintance commit an aggressive act because he just doesn't care enough one way or another. And, eventually, he commits a murder and is arrested. The trial then focuses on this disaffected aspect of his character. The conclusion is inevitable."

Well, ours is pretty much like that, with the murder replaced with wanton and unrepentant masturbation.

It premiered at the Lonestar Film Festival ( last year to shocked response. It was programmed in a shorts block that should have been named, "Shorts with Jacking-Off as a Major Theme or Motif." Seriously, out of the seven films in the block, FIVE had some form of self-abuse on display. Maybe it had to do with the fact that all of the films were from Texas. I mean, what else is there to do around here?

I will post an IMDB page for the film shortly, and after it's done the festival rounds, I'll toss the sucker up on the inter-web. In the meantime, if you wanna see it, contact me here.


The peeps who made it all possible...

Tania and Nick Derington! Nick is an awesome comic creator and artist, having worked for Marvel as well as the indies. He was also a lead animator on A SCANNER DARKLY. He graciously let us invade his space last weekend so we could shoot a pivotal scene for KIDDO!

Check out Nick's work at his website...

More Phat Photos Phrom the Phantasy Phun-vention

Well, that didn't really pan out the way I wanted it to. I mean the blog title. Anyhoo, here be s'more photos from the KIDDO shoot....

TOP...Adam Donaghey (producer) is busy producing a telling glance at Chris Gardner's (playing Lynus Turko) supple flank steak, while Blair Rowan attempts to forge a doctor's signature on a Lithium prescription.

BOTTOM...Sharon Wright, producer to the stars, looking like she really doesn't want this photo to end up on the internet. Looks like she's got a lot of paperwork! 

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention...

This guy! Yen Tan (director of Happy Birthday and the soon-t0-be-released Ciao), in character as CHANG, the faithful man-servant of little Sam Mackie (the eponymous KIDDO!).

Yen is amazing. His looks are priceless. He is the Asian-incarnation (incarn-Asian?) of Harold Lloyd.

I love you Yen!

By the way, I'm writing this blog from my spacious bubble bath. You're welcome, ladies!



KIDDO! The Movie...A commencement!

So, last weekend my intrepid crew of ten (or so) and I descended upon the Dallas Comic Con to shoot our very first scene for KIDDO! 
This is my second feature since a long hiatus after A FOUR COURSE MEAL (which will actually come out this year. For reals!). I'm a bit nervous about the prospect, even though I've acted as Director of Photography on something like seven films since AFCM. It's still daunting. Anyway, I assembled an amazing group of people. The actors, many of them child actors without 'formal' film experience, have exceeded my expectations. Not to mention the adults. Chris Gardner The hardest part is deciding what to cut out. It's an embarrassment of riches of comedy gold!
Many of my long-time crew has joined me in the effort. Barak Epstein (director of Prison A Go Go and the upcoming Blood on the Highway), Blair Rowan (co-writer/director of Blood on the Highway), Sharon Wright (my co-producer on AFCM) and James Johnston (GDMF, Merrily Merrily). My newbies, Adam Doneghey and the kids (Ceasar, Jayci, Sonnet and Alexis). All did an excellent job!
KIDDO! is the story of a child actor (Ceasar Vancleave) going through his mid-life crisis at 13, when he's fired off the sitcom he literally grew-up on after he hits puberty. We'll resume shooting in mid-February.  

The besties of my testies!

I just formed this silly blog so I can post updates about recent and upcoming productions from my company, Well Tailored Films.

Hope it doesn't suck.


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