Saturday, January 19, 2008

KIDDO! The Movie...A commencement!

So, last weekend my intrepid crew of ten (or so) and I descended upon the Dallas Comic Con to shoot our very first scene for KIDDO! 
This is my second feature since a long hiatus after A FOUR COURSE MEAL (which will actually come out this year. For reals!). I'm a bit nervous about the prospect, even though I've acted as Director of Photography on something like seven films since AFCM. It's still daunting. Anyway, I assembled an amazing group of people. The actors, many of them child actors without 'formal' film experience, have exceeded my expectations. Not to mention the adults. Chris Gardner The hardest part is deciding what to cut out. It's an embarrassment of riches of comedy gold!
Many of my long-time crew has joined me in the effort. Barak Epstein (director of Prison A Go Go and the upcoming Blood on the Highway), Blair Rowan (co-writer/director of Blood on the Highway), Sharon Wright (my co-producer on AFCM) and James Johnston (GDMF, Merrily Merrily). My newbies, Adam Doneghey and the kids (Ceasar, Jayci, Sonnet and Alexis). All did an excellent job!
KIDDO! is the story of a child actor (Ceasar Vancleave) going through his mid-life crisis at 13, when he's fired off the sitcom he literally grew-up on after he hits puberty. We'll resume shooting in mid-February.  

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