Friday, February 22, 2008

This is what happens when you buy me a camera for Christmas!

So, my girlfriend bought me a really neat camera for Christmas this year. It's my first digital camera, which may seem odd, since I make my living as a Director of Photography. I've just never really been one to take pictures (as will be evident by the following photo montage). Anyway, in an effort to change all that, here are my first batch of photos from the set of ST. NICK, the new feature film directed by David Lowery (and D.P.'ed by me).

You are BANISHED!!!! Director David Lowery utilizing techniques picked up at the Eric von Stroheim institute of child actor abuse.

James Johnston before the chair broke.

Adam Donaghey with a Mark growing out of his shoulder. This is a particularly well composed shot. Scholars take note!

Mark Sharon and a juvenile delinquent.

"Lite Rock" Martin (audio), oddly, loves Death Metal.


Gimme that lunch! I needs it!!!!!!

Oh Gods! I have been feasted upon!

The brutal carnivore, finally sated. But for how long????

Fun with insurance policies!!!!
Rudak teaches a continuing ed class on mortuary decorative fan making.

The picture for today?

Working on sets is hard! Sooo tired. Gonna take a nap so I can send more photos later, gator!

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