Monday, March 3, 2008

More from the digital confines of my micro-camera!


Sorry, couldn't resist.

I've really taken to this camera. I'm not a good still photographer at all, but somehow it really doesn't matter. I have absolutely ZERO ego about the thing. It may be the one thing in life that I don't judge myself by. Case in point, the following pics. My photo evidence of the fleeting greatness that was (is, still is) David Patrick Lowery's ST. NICK.

7 Chipmunks twirlin' on a branch, eatin' lots of sunflowers on my uncle's ranch.

And on that ranch, there was a....

...NOSTRIL BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!

"Back to work, @$$hats!" This is our new AD after the first one perished in a horrendous "cotton gin" mishap. Foul play has yet to be ruled out.

Savannah (pictured above) worked out her aggression on the crew in preparations for a scene she personally added to David's (in her words) "abomination of a script."

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!******

An alternate ending?! No. Merely a scene stolen from the PBS classics version of Wuthering Heights, written and performed by Savannah Sears. This still was taken mere moments before the black lung carried her away on soot-coated wings.

Producer James Johnston proves, much like Colossus of the X-Men or Thor of some stupidy ol' mythology junk, that she is the strongest bearded woman alive!

Oh, child labor laws! You so crazy! I wanna have yo baby!

I have nothing humorous to say about guest-audio mixer, Barak Epstein. Primarily because he'll stab you in the friggin eye for merely looking at him sideways! What a *%$@*bag!

"I'll miss you most of all, old wooden support column!"

Wikipedia defines "BRO-MANCE" as anything having to do with this picture. Or submission wrestling. Actually, this begs the question, "what's wrong with this image?" If your answer is anything other than "there's a little girl watching this transpire," you might want to consider professional help.

The effects of 2+ weeks of low budget shooting? Or merely another example of the bro-mantic principal? Yes, the Stockholm Syndrome is a many splendor'ed thing.

That's a wrap! The production team of St. Nick ensures our child actors will not grow up to be horrible party-monsters and pop divas by means of our special "retirement camps." Here, one actress in being permanently inducted by means of a Colombian neck adjustment.

Well, until the next shoot, lounge out @$$hats!

Image courtesy of David Lowery, pervert.

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