Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Color Correcting FRENZY!

So, we're been officially in active pre-production for my second feature, EARTHLING (which sports an amazing cast... I'll be detailing shortly). At the same time I'm in a veritable Boom Town of color correcting. Features, music videos, short films.

Two movies I shot have been accepted into the South by Southwest Film Festival this year, so I'm dealing with "deliverables" and the like there.

On my plate: David Lowery's ST. NICK, Frank V. Ross' PRESENT COMPANY, A.C. Abbott's DISOWNING CLAIRE, James Johnston's RECEIVE BACON, and this music video by Toby Holbrooks and the aforementioned David Lowery. I think it's as good a representation of my coloring as any.

Check it out. I love to color. And I do it within the lines.

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