Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sorry So Sloppy!

Hey! I've totally neglected this thing for like, I can't even remember how long! I'm going to make sure to update it more frequently in the coming months. Films have been blowin' up all over.

We got back from Sundance with My Mom Smokes Weed, only to have to prep Earthling for it's SxSW premiere. Then immediately after that, MMSW went to Method Fest in LA, with Sarasota and Florida Film Fests following right after.

Earthling will make its hometown debut at the Dallas International Film Festival this weekend, with many more fests to come right after that.

I'll put announcements and links and whatever up here soon!

Also, my next feature is fully financed and set to go this Summer! It's a comedy starring Nate Rubin (from My Mom Smokes Weed) and follows the misadventures of a high school English teacher who's beaten up by one of his own 15 year old students and can't live it down!

Anyway, TTFN and I'll post more soon, I swear!

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