Tuesday, July 29, 2008

St. Nick in Filmmaker F'ing Magazine!!!!

So David Lowery just informed me that St. Nick was featured in the summer issue of Filmmaker Magazine. That's the one, pictured above. I immediately rushed over to Borders to buy a copy, and there it was, complete with a nice color photo from the film. Really nifty mention. Classy stuff. Pick it up if you get a chance.

And in other news, Yen Tan's magnificent feature film CIAO is officially being released by Regent Entertainment. This is a theatrical release too. Amazing. And this for a film that seemed to come out of nowhere. I've seen it like six times now, and helped out on the color correct. I really think it's a transcendental piece. You really need to see this one when it rolls out this Fall.

Also, on my other dumb blog, BUDDY BUDDY PAL, I have the first in a series of lame photo accounts of my trip to San Diego Comic Con this year. I got to interview all sorts of cool people, and I'll be uploading "exclusive" videos in the coming days.

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