Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This Movie is Presented in "HIGH" Definition!

Worst pun ever. Anyway, I know that no paragraph should ever begin with the following sentence, but here goes...

So I really liked the trailer for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. This may be the least masculine statement I've ever made, but it's really pretty innovative. Not the movie, mind you, just the trailer. Actually, I can't speak for the movie because I only saw like ten minutes of it on my Mom's Direct TV last time I was in town visiting her. But I digress. No, the great thing about the trailer is it's basically just a truncated scene from the actual film. Like a scene that pretty much sums up enough of what the film's about and where it may be headed, without giving you too much information or any resolution. In essence, it does exactly what a trailer should do. It also has the awesome side effect of being so jarring in comparison to the standard trailer format we've unfortunately come to expect and accept, that when I saw it at my local movie house (in front of which movie I no longer recall), many people in the audience thought they stepped into the wrong auditorium. I mean you really feel like you're watching the first four or so minutes of that film. It's not even like that DARK KNIGHT promo with the bank heist, because they prep you for what you're about to see there. No this was an example of cinematic tomfoolery of the first (and best) order.

Anyway, in another potentially embarrassing paragraph header, I was actually inspired by the trailer to cut a similar one for my latest film, MY MOM SMOKES WEED. It's a truncated scene from the film (2 min). Not the opening scene, just an iconic one. It gives you a taste for the film without revealing too much information. I typically rag on short filmmakers who cut trailers for their films. I mean if a 90 minute film has a 2 min trailer, does that mean a 9 minute short should have a 20 second one? Please don't check my math on that. I didn't use a calculator. However, I thought it would be fun in this case (hypocrate, I know), and since I'm about to hit the festival circuit, this is probably the most I can show right now to the online community. Not that enough people read this blog to get me in trouble with potential festival programmers.

Anyway, here it is, my ode to THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. The MY MOM SMOKES PRADA version of the trailer for MY MOM SMOKES WEED...

MY MOM SMOKES WEED HD TRAILER A from Clay Liford on Vimeo.

This clip is also available on my youtube site.

AND, while I'm in an embedding mood, here's a silly sorta-reel I had to create for a potential investment deal on THE ABDUCTORS. It's probably only notable for the cool music I swiped from Scott Walker.


Hope you enjoy. Now off to rent 29 DRESSES!



When I went to youtube to search for that original DWP trailer I blathered about, it was nowhere to be found. In it's stead, I found a GENERIC TRAILER that exemplifies all things horrible about modern picture previews (and totally negates the experimental qualities of the original trailer). It basically ruins the movie for you. But, oh well. Whatcha gonna do?

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